1. Business Proposal (N10,000)

We can help you write that amazing proposal to your Bank, Investor, Partners or Family Members to enable you show how viable your business idea or concept.

Let’s help you pitch that winning proposal for as low as N10, 000 terms and conditions apply.

2. Business Plan Writing (N30,000)

A business plan is a document that defines in detail a company’s objectives and how it plans to achieve its goals. It’s a roadmap that provides directions so a business can plan its future, avoid and minimize challenges. Both startup and established companies use business plans. 

ZAL can help get your business plan fixed for as low as N30,000 terms and conditions apply.

3. Feasibility Study (N50,000)

Feasibility study is a documents that shows the viability of a business venture before embarking on it.

ZAL can help fixed this documents for your business for as low as N50,000 terms and conditions apply.

4. Strategic Business Planning (N20,000)

Strategic planning is a systematic process for developing an organization’s direction.

Let’s support you in articulating the objectives and actions required for your business strategy for as low as N20,000 terms and condition apply.

5. Business Consultancy (N10,000)

Talk to a Certified, Experienced and friendly Business development consultant and get relive and solution to your daily business challenges for as low as N10, 000 per session terms and condition apply

6. Business Trainings (N50,000)

We are available to develop and implement tailored training for you and your team members on understating the vision, customer services, sales, etc. for as low as N50, 000 term and condition apply

Business Development Services​

Business linkages program​​

Training and Consultancy Services


  • Business linkages Forum

The BLF is designed to assist MSMEs in accessing key market information; market opportunities, technical supports with linkages to large companies and financial institutions.

  • Enterprise award (Every 3 years). We use this platform to celebrate productive and enterprise leaders in the Niger Delta


  • Micro, small and medium enterprise (MSMEs) in all sector of Business both startup’s and existing business.
  • Investors (active and passive)


  1. Help structure their ideas into reality
  2. Strengthen existing structures and systems of the business to become competitive
  3. Strengthen existing business process for efficiency
  4. Creation/strengthening of existing business model
  5. Assisting MSMES maximize profit and thrive in the market


  • Structuring of MSMEs ideas/business for market opportunities
  • Assisting MSMEs to raise funding from their market.
  • Assisting MSMEs overcome challenges and increase revenue and thrive
  • Assist MSMEs improve performance and efficiency
  • Gain a clear path to success
  • Diversity of ideas from other experiences
  • Enhancing business interaction with other Business and building Network



We are working with PIND Foundation to Expand business support activities to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the Niger Delta. This would include:

  • Identify new markets and funding opportunities for growth-oriented SMEs.
  • Organize outreach events to identify and register growth-oriented SMEs, and conduct PSC assessment on the SMEs to identify and develop upgrading plans.
  • Commercially provide business support services to the SMEs to enable them to build the capacity to meet the requirements of the identified markets or funding institutions.
  • Identify and strengthen the capacity of micro enterprises to increase sales to new or existing markets

2. Working with SDN on CSSF (Economic Diversification) – Artisan Oil Refining- creating alternative livelihood for people and community members. A case in Ogboinbiri on aqua culture value chain opportunities from training to sales in the market.


  •  We trained MSMEs, certify them to enable access to Finance


  •  Mobilised and trained over 1000 farmers in Poultry and aqua culture sector.
  •  Facilitate Access to Finance/Market with Bank of Agriculture and institutional buyers